Tuning, modifications, upgrade turbochargers
“We can do the impossible things right away, for miracles have to wait just a bit”

Contact with the customer

Modifications of the original turbochargers are not a problem for our company.

The customer’s requirements for the increase in power and its use in low or higher engine revolutions are a determinant of work for us.

We treat each order individually. Although we have our proven solutions, we are also open to new ideas and suggestions.

Balancing and quality performance

Our upgrade turbochargers are balanced in two stages: the first stage is the initial balancing of the turbine rotor on a low-speed machine – a renowned Schenck company.

The final balancing (whole core) is carried out on Cimat machines.

The cores coming from our company are balanced more accurately than the original ones produced by the manufacturer, the turbocharger’s work is gaining on both: low revs (turbo-lag reduction) and high revs (better turbocharger working culture, less risk of damaging lubricating parts)

Billet Compressor Wheels

“Billet wheels” are wheels made in CNC technology from one piece of aluminum – it guarantees longer durability – these wheels allow to achieve by 4-6% better performance while maintaining the weight at 70% increments of the cast wheel with the same dimensions. We buy CNC wheels from the best manufacturer in the world – this allows us to choose any blade geometry, their number and angle of curvature which translates into whether the turbine earlier “gets up” or captures more air at higher engine revs.

Anodizing and painting

At the customer’s special request, we can do the anodizing process – besides reinforcing the external coating against dust damage in the intake system – anodized wheels looks great in upgrade and social media projects 🙂

Most of our upgrade turbochargers have a painted black compressor housing with a laser-burned NoweTurboUpgrade logo.

Customer confidence

Upgrade turbochargers marked by NoweTurboUpgrade are installed in many cars throughout Europe, the quality of their service and the performance allow us to build a solid brand among customers.

Ball bearings (ceramic)

We are a company that in the field of tuning offers turbochargers on ceramic ball bearings – this technology allows to significantly reduce the turbo-lag effect.

Our turbochargers are getting up from the very low revolutions of the engine, which allows you to fully enjoy the recharge. Ceramic balls are a better solution than standard steel bearings – they do not produce such a high working temperature, are more resistant to friction factors, however, we must remember that with this technology the car engine and its oil must be in perfect condition because even the smallest dirt can cause critical damage in such bearing arrangement.